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Eel River Organics Nectar Vape Pen Oil 100% Made From Whole Flower. All Natural. Pesticide Free. Solvent Free.


C02 Super-Critical Distillate Extraction

Terpenes captured and preserved for flavor and "entourage effect"

Dry-farm and organic farming methods produce the highest quality cannabis 


Delivers a thick fog of cerebral euphoria with very real fragrance of berry.Energetic daytime high.


Richly dusted crystals pack this OG strain carrying rich, earthy tones and a signature aroma. High start with a uplifted and euphoric effect.


A complex 70% sativa/ 30% Indica strain with high earthiness and a berry overtone.  Increases energy within a relaxed mind.


Features a vibrant, sweet citrus, with a lime-green coloring combined with the power of Ancient to deliver a sativa-like energizing effect with a floaty buzz.

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